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1. Piano Notes (easy)

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1. Numbering The Fingers

2. Piano Notes

3. Half Steps and Whole Steps

4. Pedals

5. Major Scales

6. Minor Scales

7. Major and Minor Chords

8. Roll Dress Up Trick

9. Chord Substitutions (Part 2)


1. Improvising

2. Practice Improvising

3. Chord Progressions (Part 1)

4. Chord Progressions (Part 2)

5. Chords That Sound Good Together (Part 1)

6. Chords That Sound Good Together (Part 2)

7. Simplifying Complex Chords

8. Bar Piano Sound

9. Chord Substitutions (Part 1)

10. Chord Substitutions (Part 3)

11. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Dress Up

12. Melody

13. Dorian Mode

14. Chromatic Scale

15. Hungarian Folk Scale

16. Parallel Minor

17. Right Hand Rhythm


1. Half Step Dress Up Trick

2. Inside Outside Dress Up Trick

3. Raciti Mix Up Trick

4. Chord Inversions

5. Slide Moves

6. Modulation

7. Tritone Substitution

8. How To Write A Pop Song

9. Blues Lick (Dr. John Ending)

10. Some Nights Dress Up

11. Live While We’re Young Dress Up

12. Jazz Voicing

13. Thirds And Fifths

14. Two Chord Inversions

15. Arpeggios

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1. Three Eighths Trick

2. Thick Chord

3. Drone Trick

4. Sustain Pedal

5. Transition Chord

6. Stutter Step

7. Musical Lead In

8. Super Fast Half Step Lead In (Love Never Felt So Good)

9. Parallel Motion Harmony

10. Left Hand Roots And Fifths

11. Suspended Seconds

12. Every Other Roll Trick

13. Spy Chord

14. Turn Around

15. Half Step Wiggle

16. Zippering

17. Wobble Rhythm

18. Ornamentation

19. America Transposition

20. Grounded Roots

21. Hornsby

22. Good Morning To You Dress Up

23. Ben Folds Dress Up

24. Jingle Bells Dress Up

25. Octave Twinkle

26. Suspended 4ths Drama

27. Auld Lang Syne Dress Up

28. Fur Elise Dress Up

29. Separating Sections (Happy Dress Up)

30. Raciti Arpeggio

31. Minor Seven Minor Six (Sing / Moves Like Jagger)

Song Tutorials

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Fur Alice (Complete Series)

Moonlight Sonata – Adagio (Parts 1 – 6)

Jingle Bells

The Holly And The Ivy

Auld Lang Syne


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  1. Hi!! Your tutorials are by far the BEST on the web! I have a favor… I need to learn Uncharted by Sara Bareilles in less than 2 weeks. I’m kinda freaking out trying to play it by the sheet music, cause it just doesn’t sound right! Can you teach us pleeeeez?

  2. I feel really happy right now joe, because i’m a self taught piano player (though am i not that good yet). You are like my piano playing idol, you’re amazing and have a great talent. whenever i want to learn a song i’ll check if you’ve made a tutorial. Anyway the reason why i’m so happy is because as i was watching these new tutorials i noticed that the way you did everything is exactly the way i’ve taught myself. i feel like maybe one day i can be as good as him. The whole thing with the major and minor chords, i figured that out myself. the whole thing with the diatonic scale (root, whole,whole, half, whole, whole ,whole…) i figured out myself. i just wanted you to know that you’ve made my day!!

  3. Hi! I’ve been playing piano for eight years now and I was so happy when I found your tutorials about half a year ago. My piano teacher focuses more on the classic pieces but I really love to learn pop. Thank you so much.

  4. could you do a tutorial for Stefani Germanotta’s (Lady Gaga) ‘Electric Kiss’ or ‘Hollywood’ ? (: I would get it easy, i just can’t read sheet music and there arent any tutorials for them. And im sure littlemonsters would appreciate a tutorial of either XD

  5. Hey Joe, [Where you goin’ with that gun in your hand =P]

    I’ve watched a lot of your tutorials both here and on youtube and I was wondering if you could also do some stuff on chord progressions. For instance, if a song starts on an C minor, what other chords sound good with that chord.

    I liked your improvising video and that’s what gave me that idea.
    By the way, thank you for all of the videos on Youtube, you’re definitely the best teacher I have seen on there.

  6. I am primarily a guitar play but do play piano. I was wanting to know if you could make a lesson on John Legend stay with you. His solo version is the best. I have pretty much already learned Drops of Jupiter from your tutorial, excellent i must say. I really hope to see a post of ordinary people and the solo version of stay with you by John legend. Great stuff man. thanks…

  7. the song (have yourself a merry little Christmas)was very impressive ,,first class playing ….i love it but can u tell me how to do that roll by 05:57 please ? that will be greatly appreciated ,,,idk i think its a straddle ok so thanks and good job!! :)

  8. i’m douglas,i leave in japan and i’m brazilian.i like your tutorial!!
    please do next tutorial:so far away-avanged sevenfold

  9. hey! I think your an amazing teacher, and your tutorials are amazingly easy to follow. That’s why I’ve come to you for help, I have an audition for this song in 6 days. I suck at finding the notes with ear. They song I’m covering is Thunder by Boys like Girls. Honestly if you could do a tutorial on this song by Monday or something, I’d forever be grateful! Thank you SO much!

  10. hey! can u do a tutorial on more than this by one direction? i really want to learn it. and you’re freaking awesome!!

  11. Can you make a tutorial for California King Bed by RiRi please. I am dying to learn how to play that song.

  12. Your song tutorials are the best found anywhere. Thanks for taking the time to create and share. I have learned so much by trying to follow along.

  13. Joe,
    I love your music & your tutorials. Your Sister Christina (I am one of her students) just played Memories on the SmartBoard and it was amazing. Keep up the great work…and let me know if you get this!
    Charlie Kahn

  14. Thank you! I love to play on my keyboard but only the few notes I have from school an such things (sorry my bad english, but i’m norwegian)
    now I can learn a lot of songs from you!

  15. Mr. Joe, if you can sir, how bout a tutorial off the twilight soundtrack. Bellas lullaby river flows in you. Dude its imperative that I learn that song. If you could contact me via email I’d appreciate it. Thank you!

  16. Thank you so much for your tutorials, they helped me a lot to start playing piano and making it nicer when I sing. Now I don´t need to catch a pianist and make him play what I want! hahaha
    I’d like you to teach Speechless of Lady Gaga or maybe something of Florence+The Machine. I suppose you’re a busy man tough, so if you do it, don’t mind if you take your time xD
    I hope you keep doing this, you’re helping lots of us :)

  17. Hey ! Your tutorials are great !
    By the way I am looking for a tutorial for the song “Coug Syrup” by Young the giant. I really need it, that would be great if you could do it.
    Thank you.

  18. Hi Joe, I teach myself to play the piano and i’m so glad i found your videos as they help me to improve(i’m a beginner going onto intermediate) and it just makes it more enjoyable to learn!!

    Request : Can you please make a tutorial for – This is love ft Eva Simons
    This is the video:

  19. hey buddy, I got a quick request if you don’t mind. its called “far away” by tyga ft. Chris Richardson. its a beautiful song and feels like something i could play with ur assistance. anyways, thanks again. its much appreciated.

  20. hey, can you please do Out Of My League by Stephen Speaks. its a really beautiful song and so far i couldnt find any tutorial that is good enough and you’re the best piano teacher that i know so please consider it. thank you

  21. hey, can you please do a tutorial of Out Of My League by Stephen Speaks. so far i haven’t found any good tutorial and i was hoping you can do it. thank you

  22. hi joe,

    i was wondering if you could do “i want you back” by jackson5, but in a lower key like colbie caillat did? becaus i would like to sing it for an audition and i cant sing freakishly high like mj can… tanks 😀

  23. could you do “poker face”acoustic. its originally by lady gaga, but glee did an acoustic version. if you could try, that would be amazing! and i was wondering if you could do “i want you back” by jackson5, but in a lower key like colbie caillat did? becaus i would like to sing it for an audition and i cant sing freakishly high like mj can… tanks

  24. Hey Joe,
    Could You PLEASE do tutorial for The Fighter by the Gym Class Heroes feat Ryan Tedder? I would really appreciate it if you did it, thanks.

  25. Hey Joe,
    I see some of your tutorials you touch a button that allows you to playback some audio you recorded. What is that device called? Is it part of the keyboard or a separate device?


    • it’s part of the keyboard , it’s a recorder that allows u to record what ur playing , i have one on mine (although i have a very cheep one lol )

  26. can you play Canon in D pachelbel ? please I try to learn that song so bad
    I want to play that for my friend Please !!!!

  27. Hey Joe, I really like your tutorials, especially We Are Young. Just wondering…could you do a piano tutorial on the song Save The World, by Swedish House Mafia. It’s really awesome. Thank you very much!

  28. Hi, I really love your tutorials on music i love. Your the only way i can learn them, I do have piano teacher but she does classical music and some songs for Christmas for a recital or something like that. She just doesn’t do those pop songs like Maroon 5, One Republic, etc. I am only 12 and I want to be a member but my parents are spending 30 dollars an hour for 1 piano lesson a week, and i don’t think they would want to pay more for me for this. I just want to learn how to dress up the songs that you teach on YouTube because the tutorials you do are too easy(its not that they’re not great, I just want to challenge myself)because my friends ask me to do covers for them and i don’t want them to seem like i’m a beginner so the viewers will like it and the person who is singing will like it, so it would sound WAY better.

    Thank you

  29. Hey Joe, how do I become a member? Is there somewhere to register in order to get a username and password? Thanks!

  30. hey joe,
    i really want to compliment you with your by far GREATEST tutorials ever made on youtube.
    i became a better pianist when i found your youtube video’s
    i really can play all your songs you posted, i got addicted to it haha.
    well i just wanted to say thanks you really learned me alot.
    much greetz and best wishes,

    Yesien (from holland)

    ps; you’ve got a pretty good voice ya know :)

  31. Hi, I really love your tutorials on music i love. Your the only way i can learn them, I do have piano teacher but she does classical music and some songs for Christmas for a recital or something like that. She just doesn’t do those pop songs like Maroon 5, One Republic, etc. I am only 12 and I want to be a member but my parents are spending 30 dollars an hour for 1 piano lesson a week, and i don’t think they would want to pay more for me for this. I just want to learn how to dress up the songs that you teach on YouTube because the tutorials you do are too easy(its not that they’re not great, I just want to challenge myself)because my friends ask me to do covers for them and i don’t want them to seem like i’m a beginner so the viewers will like it and the person who is singing will like it, so it would sound WAY better.

    Thank you

  32. Hey Joe,

    I was thinking about getting a keyboard since I can’t fit a piano in the house, and I was wondering what kind of keyboards do you recommend that aren’t too pricey but are still good for playing lower pitched songs. Thanks!

  33. Hey Joe, great tutorials, seriously; I have viewed many piano tutorials and yours are without a doubt the best. Your personality is what makes the videos so watchable. Although I’m happy that you would post any tutorials at all I do have one request, the song Angel by Robin Thicke; it sounds rather simple to play from what I can gather… almost all chords, so it shouldn’t be too taxing to learn/teach. Anyway, thanks for posting all of your great tutorials and keep up the good work.

  34. Can you do Mr. Brightside by The Killers? I love your tutorials, and can’t find a decent tutorial of that song anywhere. Please and thank you!

  35. I really love playing to piano but never get to have lessons. So this is so amazing i will be on here a lot. You are awesome. Thank you for taking time out of you day to make these videos and this website. :)

  36. Hi i made my payment a few hours ago but not had an email come through yet.
    Just letting you know as the message said give it 15 minutes and like i said its been hours.

  37. Hi Joe, You are a great person for doing this and sharing your knowledge with others who are passionate about music. I will be following you closely, I just came across your website now and have to say, I’m excited to give your method a try. One Small request…Ticking by Elton John.

  38. Hi,
    Love your version of “Let It Be” on Youtube. I’d like to have my own copy. I can’t find it to purchase. Is it for sale?
    Thank you!

  39. Can you do a tutorial for John Mayers “Love Is A Verb” I’ve been looking everywhere for one and I can’t find anything! >.< Thank you :)

    • Hi Katie, sorry for the delayed response. If you click on the “learn piano” tab, you should be directed to a sign up page. Let me know if you have any trouble.

  40. Also maybe a tutorial for “Gift of A Friend” by Demi Lavato x) its a surprise for my bestfriend she moved to Ohio a couple months ago and I really miss her :) Thank you

  41. Can you do a tutorial for the soundtrack of the film blood diamonds “london”, I’ve been looking everywhere for one and I can’t find anything! >.< Thank you

  42. Hey! I’ve been watching your tutorials for I think 7 months now and I’m always thankful because when I got my first ever piano I had no idea how to play it. And it was because of your tutorials why I can play a little better now. And I’m always been curious but I’ve never asked, what’s with the Rubik’s cube? 😛

    • I’m so happy my work is helping you. The rubix cube is just my logo. I put it on my videos so that people can easily spot my videos when they are searching on YouTube. It is meant to symbolize the idea that music is for everyone.

  43. i just love u , i think ur amazingly talented , and as sweet as honey, whenever i wanna learn a song i watch ur tutorials cuz they’re the best online , keep up the good work ( thumbs up !!)

  44. Dear Joe,
    First of all i wanna thank u for posting tutorials on youtube , it helped me out a lot , ur an amazing teacher ( thumbs up !) .
    well i was just wondering if u’ve made a 4th part to The Pirates Of The Caribbean tutorial , or haven’t made it yet , i really like that song and so do a lot of ur fans , so if u can , it would be very kind of u to show us how to play it , (after u get ur new piano of course )

    Love Manel .

  45. I have watched your video about casio px 850, thank you. My son (12) is studying at the conservatory and we need a digital piano to study at home… this is a good choice.. comparing it with the clp 430 for instance?

    • I don’t know about the clp 430 but for the money the px 850 is a good buy. It depends on your budget and what your needs are I guess.

  46. Translated from Russian by doing a google
    Hello, my name is Alexander, I’m in Russia Sankt_Peterburg.
    One month, I have started to learn music notation and try to learn to play the piano, and even go to the teacher. Of course I play different scales and learn simple songs. But the Problem is that these simple songs totally not my type, but almost all the classic rock and everything that you play is what I wonder. Not quite sure how it will look remote learning process, but I want to try

  47. Hi Joe! I love your tutorials! I was just wondering how you film your videos so the view is just your hands and the keyboard? Is something holding your camera up?

  48. Can you do a tutorial on ”Always look at the bright side of life”???
    I love that song it makes me so happy.

    PS I watch all your tutorials on youtube and I realy love them!

  49. Hi Joe.

    Just found you on youtube.

    Saw you are not replying on every comment. So I checked if there is a contact formular, but didn’t find one.

    I play keyboard, but really didn’t play for 10 year and like how you teach.

    Guess I found a mentor :)

    So, Joe, it is my wish to learn Ryan Leslie’s ”Joan of Arc”.

    Is there a way you could teach me?

  50. hello Joe i am a huge fan of your from the country name Nepal and i am just writing this to you to say that your tutorials are amazing and keep doing this for us and it has helped me a lot!!! in many fields

  51. Nuvole Bianche tutorial please !!!!!
    It is soooo beautiful. I really want to learn that song for someone special :)
    Joe pls !!!!!!!!

    Thank you in advance !!!

  52. Hey Joe, where ya going with that gun in your hand. (I’d love to learn that song!)
    BUT, what I’m wondering is if you could please send me your transcription of both hands playing Hallelujah – cuz, I just can’t figure out what you are doing with your left or right hand!!! I’ve watched the video 100 times. it’s not fitting together. thanks. mama wolf

  53. could you please do a tutorial for the sacrifice? I would love that since there are no other good tutorials on the internet.

    thanks in advance.

  54. Hi I was wondering if you could post a tutorial for “Sing for Me” by Christina Aguilera from her new album “Lotus”. It’s an amazing song but every time I sit down to figure out the chords it still doesn’t sound the same.

  55. I’m really glad I found you! I will be paying for lessons from you ^_^. I taught myself to play the keyboard when I was young. It’s been many years, but I recently got a piano and want to pick up where I left off and get better. I really appreciate your site.

  56. Joe, I don’t know if I posted the comment yesterday correctly or not. I’d like to learn “Sleeping to Dream about You” by Jason Mraz on the piano. All I’ve found are some tabs on-line. Any advice?
    Thanks, Matt

  57. I was wondering if you could teach us how to do piano fills, (Not sure if i used the correct term) like how you did in “Have yourself a merry little christmas”. So far, i have just been mimicking the notes you played in the transitions, but I want to know how to make my own.

  58. Hey dude, 1: you rock at piano and 2: i have been everywhere looking for a tutorial on this song by Nat Wolff called The Greatest Prize, but sadly the only thing i could find was people playing it.So will you please help me to learn how to play it please and thank you.

  59. I was wondering if you could post a tutorial of ‘Oh what a night’ by frankie vallli and the four seasons as I would really love to learn it.

  60. Hi Joe. I am new to playing the piano in the last 2 years and came across your excellent tutorial yesterday after searching for ‘How to play Paradise by Coldplay’.
    I can’t read music so tutorials like yours are great for me to try and learn!
    Cheers, Darren (In the UK)

  61. Hi Joe..Much respect and admiration for what you do..not many people like you in the world. I have but one request – I would love to know how to play the international mix of the song “Home” by Michael Buble. I cannot seem to find it anywhere and the song has a special place in my heart. I’ll take anything – chords, actual tutorial, sheet music, anything. I feel bad asking for this given so many other people’s request but hopefully you can make it happen for me. Thanks! Keep inspiring!!

  62. Hey Joe!!!
    I am considering the yearly membership for all of your levels!!! I am on your website looking at your lessons. Will there be more lessons? Don’t get more wrong, the lessons you have laid out at the different levels are awesome. Just asking is there more lessons?


    • Hi Dedrick,

      Thank you for your interest in my site. I am always adding to my catalog of lessons. I am usually able to add around one new video every week or so but my schedule in part dictates what I am able to add at any given time. What is listed on my site is what is up at the moment but this is always expanding.

      – Joe

  63. Hey, just wanted to say you have totally saved my life with your tutorials, I can’t read music and it takes me forever to learn a song by ear, most peoples tutorials are wrong but yours are not.
    But I need your help, I have to play in my school concert and I’m playing safe and sound by taylor Swift, I was wondering could you please post a Dress up video I would really appreciate it.
    thank you.

  64. Hey Man, your turtorials are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
    They have helped me develop my skills into something more so thanks so much dude but can u do lady gaga born this way, edge of glory and paparazii if posiible

  65. Joe I watch you videos everyday you seem like a cool dude but I am trying to empress this girl so I know this is a lame song but can u do a tutorial for Asleep by The Smiths

  66. Hey Joe, Love your teaching style and I’ve learned a lot from you. It appears NO ONE has a decent tutorial on how to play a great party/bar song, “Mustang Sally,” so if you do one, it should help get your name out even more! :-) (Plus I’d like to learn it from you)

    Thanks for all you do!!!

    Keep Rockin

  67. Hi big fan of your tutorials! Thank you so much without you I wouldn’t be able to play my favourite songs x

    Could you please do a piano tutorial for ‘Bastille- Daniel in the den’ please :)

  68. You’re awesome Joe. Thanks a lot! You are helping a lot of people. Keep it up! Continue to help those who lack dollars. Hehehe. Esp me lol.
    Thanks again. More power! :)

  69. Dear Joe i like your piano tutorials on youtube would there be any chance of you doing a tutorial on the John Lennon song OH YOKO which is on the Imagine Album,i have been wanting to play this song for many years,Nicky Hopkins who was johns piano player done a great job of the piano on this song.Hope you can help.
    Paul Allen

  70. Hey Dear , Can you play When I was Your Man Bruno Mars? Plzzzzz I have to play this song in the presentation of my school in June amd I too have 2 sing . PLize dear . Im your fan . LOve yOu S2s2s2s2s2s2

  71. Can you please redo a tutorial for “Rubbing It In”? I really want to know how to play this song without being confused by your old tutorial. PLEASE!

  72. Hi Joe lovin yout tutorials but please please please can you do a tutorial for The other side by David Gray.I love this but don’t know where to start.Thankyou so so much x

  73. Hi Joey…

    Thank you so much for your Work at your Youtube Channel !!!!

    I’am a really Big Fan .

    I have only one Big Whish ,
    is it possible to post a Tutorial for George Bensen Give me the Night ???

    It will be the greatest Pleasure for me to Play this Song.

    Thank you so much

    Greetings Daniel

  74. Hello JOE,

    I really appreciate that u make this kind of videos, you are really NR.1 on YouTube!
    Please could you make a tutorial of Earth Song or Ill be there, or some song by Michael Jackson as honor to king of pop!
    Thank u very much!

  75. thank u so much for your tutorials i really appreciate them as they help me grow to be a great pianist if its possible may u learn and teach the following so
    *As long as u love me-justin Bieber
    *Great is thy faithfulness
    *carmen-Lana del rey
    *little things- one direction
    *dance with my father – luther vandross

  76. Can you please do a tutorial of Never Stop (Wedding version) by safetysuit? I can’t find one any where, at all.

  77. I love your video on the Casio PX 850. The only thin I know about pianos is that they sound amazing. other then that nothing lol. My gf’s b day is coming up and I am looking to buy her a digital piano, she used to play a acoustic. I am torn between the Casio px 850, the Roland f120 and the Yamaha pdk 142. In your expert opinion will I bee getting the same quality from the Roland, and Yamaha models just because of the name for a few hundred bucks more?

  78. Been referring to your tutorials. Its been 9 Months since i have bought myself a Yamaha Keyboard and I have learnt many songs from your tutorials, the best being The Scientist, Paradise, Skyfall and more. No Other Tutorial Can Be Better Than Yours.

    I am a huge Fan of Coldplay and Chris Martin, as I am too a pianist as well as a Vocalist and I perform in shows. This Is Also A Request For A Tutorial of Coldplay’s “What If”. I would be thankful If you do post your Style of Cover which Is Easy and Genuine.

    Thank You

  79. Hi joe, first of all thank you for posting amazing piano tutorials. It helped me a lot when I want to learn to play a new song. I have just downloaded the iPad version of your app and it seems like there’s a bug as I have tried re-downloading it a few times but the same problem exists. The song tutorial page is a mess. The title is not there and it’s full of lyrics. Making it not possible to see the title of the song. Do reply me with an email so I could provide you with the screenshot that would help you understand better. I hope you would solve this issue soon as I’m really excited to start using the app! :) once again thank you for keeping piano tutorials fun and easy to learn! Much thanks

    Best regards,

    • Jon,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The developers have just informed me that the app has now been fixed and updated on the app store. Thank you for letting me know about that bug.

      – Joe

  80. Hey Id like to learn how to play Titanium by sia and david guetta. i love your videos its just they go by really fast for me to learn it… is there a way to slow it down or something.

  81. Hi Joe, I really love your videos. It’s amazing what you provide to viewers for free, and it has me seriously considering paying for one of your lessons. I appreciate anyone who goes by sort of an “honor system,” as you say. I suggest to anyone (and trust me, I’ll take my own advice) that if you feel you’re getting great value out of Joe’s lessons, try to pay a little bit more provided you can afford it.

  82. Hey Joe, I’m fairly new to the piano and I would love to learn how to play my favorite song by Incubus. It is called Aqueous Transmission, could you please post a tutorial on how to? please!

  83. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the tips on your site. I have never taken piano lessons but am seriously considering subscribing to yours as you are such a cool, chilled teacher. I’m a bassist from the UK and have been playing bass and guitar for 25 years+ both in bands and studio but never had the bottle to play the keys, which is what i fancied, and you have given me the ‘get up and go'(Or belief) to get on with learning. Thanks. And if you ever need any bass lessons i’ll be happy to help 😉

    Nice one dude!


  84. I love your tutorials!!! Can you make a video of “count on me” by Bruno Mars??? Keep up the tutorials!!!!

  85. Hi there, great site! It really helped me a lot, since I was never interested in piano lessons :). But I wonder if you could possibly do a tutorial on ‘World So Cold’ by Three Days Grace… It would be really nice and help a lot :). thanks! 😀


  86. Joe, could you please possibly do a tutorial of All In Love Is Fair by Stevie Wonder, because I’m trying to persue a musical future and this song is really beautiful. Thank you. ^_^

    • Yes and no. I link to a site that hosts good sheet music versions of most of the songs I teach (linked to in the description field of the videos). The music isn’t mine to offer even if it was possible for me to get my hands on music. Hope that helps.

  87. Could you do a tutorial on David Grays “You’re the World to Me” for me please? I have been looking everywhere and can’t seem to find anyone doing it. I am starting to learn but not have mastered reading yet and would like to be able to do this one. Thanks…

  88. Joe –
    Do you have the sheet music published somewhere on your YouTube site for Bohemian Rhapsody? I haven’t played piano in 40 years, and I’m determined to learn Part 2. It would be helpful to follow along with sheet music for practice.
    Your website and YouTube tutorials are such a gift for those of us who really wanted to pick it up again, but don’t want to take structured lessons. I have long forgotten how to read music (and never did it really well to begin with), but I can follow along with you, and work through the sheet music as well. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!
    Lisa LeBlanc

    • I’m sorry to say that I don’t. I may have provided a link to where you might be able to buy sheet music but I can’t promise the sheet music will line up exactly with what I am teaching.

  89. Hey, Joe, I’ve been watching your videos for several years, but it’s been kinda hard to learn how to play piano well considering I don’t have a piano. However, I’m getting a Yamaha P-105 keyboard this Christmas, which means I’ll probably go hog-wild over all of your videos again, learning as much as I can. That said, there are some of your songs that I’d LOVE to learn how to play, but you haven’t made tutorials for them yet. A couple of the songs that I’d be forever grateful if you made tutorials for them would be “Her Point,” “Love Love,” and “Mary Jane.” I know it’s a lot to ask for, but if you could ever find the time to do tutorials for them at any point in the future, that’d be great!

  90. Joe, can you please do Oscar Wilde Gets Out & A Town Called Jubilee by Elton John? That would be awesome!! Both these two songs are really cool~~

  91. Hi Joe, Thank you for your excellent tutorials. At 75 yo I have just brought my first piano ( 4 months ago) and learning to play the piano for the first time. I seem to be picking it up well so far. Am currently using your Fur Elise tutorials at the moment but I have not been able to download the sheet music. Would you please be able to let me know how to access that or would you please be able to email it to me. I left a similar request at the Fur Elise No 2 tutorial, sorry for the doule-up, I should have left it here in the first place I guess. Incidentally, I am located in Australia. Thanks again. Regards, Noel Hutchins

  92. Hi again Joe, I left a request re sheet music for Fur Elise. Please now disregard that part of my message, I have now downloaded the music and thank you very much. I can now have the music in front of me as I practice and also follow your tutorials. Thanks.

  93. Could you please try doing we remain by Christina Aguilera…Your videos are really great and very easy to follow, and iv wanted to learn this song for a long time.
    Thx 😀

  94. joe…honest I was very grateful for it all especially when I see “how to play i won’t give up – jason mraz” you played very well until I could play that song on my piano….thank you so much

  95. Hey! I think your tutorials are amazing!! I was wondering if you could make one for “personal” by stars? That’d be awesome! Have a great day :-)

  96. hey Joe. I really like your free lessons. Nice of you to give back and spread the love…But, I’d like to study with you. Please drop me a note. I’m on the west coast.

    Many thanks,

    • Thanks for reaching out Greg. I live on the East coast sadly. I do give private lessons but I am already booked beyond capacity! I need to save some time to sleep. :) I’m sure you can find a great teacher out where you are though.

  97. Can pls teach me step by step and easy way how to play as beautiful as you by all 4 one and beautiful in my eyes by joshua kadison pls. Never played piano but I want to learn how to play this by watching or just show me like the light touch key so I know where my finger exactly needs to be and ill learn it that way instead of notes cos I dont know how to read by notes and where those keys in the piano. Just desperate to learn so I can play it for the girl I love so much. I would really appreciate if you can help. God bless you.

  98. Hiya Joe,
    I’m 34 year old railroader in ontario and I’m slugging through “the entertainer” with your lessons. my first song! Thank you so much for your stuff.

    I would really like to see you throw up “Innocent when you dream” by Mr. Tom waits. They would be powerful swell!

  99. Hi
    Been watching your vids on youtube which are a great help ! Easy to learn and well explained. As I learn only from youtube and not sheet music,there is one song never been taught properly on youtube and i’m dying to learn it ! Nobody does it better by Carly Simon. It would be great if you could do this so i can play to my daughter :) thx. Kerr

  100. Hey I was wondering about some Beatles songs. Queen too:). Also I am I love with the new song all about the base. So that would be awesome. Thanks!

  101. Hi! My name is Hanna! I’ve found this Swedish amazing song called “du är allt” witch mens you are everything. It’s a absolutely beautiful song preformed by Sonja Alden. I would love it if you could do a tutorial for it. It would be really fun and interesting with a Swedish song! If you decide to do a tutorial of it, please email me!

    Here’s a cover of it!

  102. Hi Joe, I’m building a site about digital pianos myself and I would like to link to the best learning resources on the web. Can I include your website as well? Thanks.

  103. Joe,

    I am interested in discussing my High School Music Class using your site to help them learn popular music using Chord Symbols like your UTube videos.

    We have a Statewide YouTube block/unlock filter that we would need to work around.

    I would like to figure out how you might offer your system to SCHOOLS as a package deal.

    Thank you and look forward to speaking/chatting with you soon.

  104. Joe –

    Wondering if you have the sheet music of chords of Live Like a Warrior Written out. I would pay you for a transcription. Overall things are going fine, but I do so much better with music in front of my face…

    Many thanks for any information –


  105. Hey Joe just downloaded ur app on itunes. Your tutorials are well taught and I wondered if you could do carly simon nobody does it better? Its not online anywhere nor youtube..a few covers but no-one online has done a decent tutorial! Thx.Kerr

  106. Good day Joe, First thing first. You are doing beautiful and noble acts of kindness to your fellow woman, man and child. As it is said “Music is the gateway to the soul.” And your making it easier for people to share the LOVE of music. Couple of weeks ago my 10 year old son discovered your fabulous site. Didn’t realize that he was playing along with your tutorial. It was that quick and easy. You make the lessons very understanding and we enjoy that (son’s testament). By the new year my wife and I will sign up to support your site and our child’s growth and love of music. Your one of a kind Brother! Thanks

  107. Hey Joe, love the videos. I mostly use Internet from my phone and every time I go to the profile page to try and start a membership I get nothing but colored stars and a page that doesn’t respond. I tried switching to full site mode and received the same result. Any advice or do I just need to find a computer? And if that’s the case will I be able to log in from my phone afterwards?

    • Hi Ken,

      I’ve been trying to figure out a bug on my site after I updated to the latest release of WordPress. The site should be in (mostly) working order now. If you run into trouble you can let me know and I’ll do what I can to fix it.


  108. Hey I really like your piano tutorial videos on youtube! They’re really great and help me out a lot when I want to learn a new song on my keyboard. You should consider doing a tutorial of Fool’s Gold by One Direction. It’s a great song and I’d love to learn how to play it ! :)

  109. Hi dear Joe! My apologies for bad english. I am your big fan from Ukraine. At my opinion you are the best tutor-maker and teacher on youtube!
    Your lessons are very good, easy and clear, and i like it very much.
    I have a little wish. I very like how Hose M.D.(Hugh Laurie) plays piano, i think it’s blues. So, if if you will have a good mood, and you will look for a theme for the new video, please make a video/tutor dedicated to basics of the blues. Thank you very much for earlier.

  110. Dear Joe,

    are there any notes available from your wonderful improvisation about “Let it Be” from the Beatles?

    Best regards


    • Hi Friedrich,

      Thanks for the kind words. I don’t have a lesson on that performance in perticular – that video demonstrates a number of techniques that I regularly apply to my playing. Many of those are covered in my dress up tricks. I hope that helps!


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