Music Reading

Piano Lessons for Adult Beginners Overview
Unit Overview
Time Signatures
Quarter Notes and Quarter Note Rests

[activity] Unit 1 Quiz

Song Tutorials

How To Play Fur Elise (Part 1)

Dress Up Tricks

Epic Ending Trick

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Learn To Read Music – This is the complete beginners sight-reading course (10 units total), including all videos, sheet music, and important sight-reading exercise resources.


1. Numbering The Fingers

2. Piano Notes

3. Half Steps and Whole Steps

4. Pedals

5. Major Scales

6. Minor Scales

7. Major and Minor Chords

8. Roll Dress Up Trick

9. Chord Substitutions (Part 2)


1. How To Improvise

2. Practice Your Improvisation

3. Chord Progressions (Part 1)

4. Chord Progressions (Part 2)

5. Chords That Sound Good Together (Part 1)

6. Chords That Sound Good Together (Part 2)

7. Simplifying Complex Chords

8. Bar Piano Sound

9. Chord Substitutions (Inversions)

10. Chord Substitutions (Inversions Part 2)

11. Chord Substitutions (Major and Minor)

12. Chord Substitutions (Back Cycling)

13. Melody

14. Dorian Mode

15. Chromatic Scale

16. Hungarian Folk Scale

17. Parallel Minor

18. Right Hand Rhythm

19. Jazz Piano Tips, Tricks, and Secrets (Tea For Two Part 1)

20. Jazz Comping And Walking Baselines (Tea For Two Part 2)

21. Arpeggiating To Accommodate The Melody (Tea For Two Part 3)

22. How To Handle Jazz Repeats and Endings (Tea For Two Part 4)

23. The Essential 251 Jazz Exercise

24. The Ultimate 13 Chord Exercise (Level 1)

25. The Ultimate 13 Chord Exercise (Level 2)

26. The Ultimate 13 Chord Exercise (Level 3)

27. The Ultimate 13 Chord Exercise (Level 4)


1. Half Step Dress Up Trick

2. Inside Outside Dress Up Trick

3. Raciti Mix Up Trick

4. Chord Inversions

5. Slide Moves

6. Modulation

7. Tritone Substitution

8. How To Write A Pop Song

9. Blues Lick (Dr. John Ending)

10. Some Nights Dress Up

11. Live While We’re Young Dress Up

12. Jazz Voicing

13. Thirds And Fifths

14. Two Chord Inversions

15. Arpeggios

Dress Up Tricks

1. Three Eighths Trick

2. Thick Chord

3. Drone Trick

4. Sustain Pedal

5. Transition Chord

6. Stutter Step

7. Musical Lead In

8. Super Fast Half Step Lead In (Love Never Felt So Good)

9. Parallel Motion Harmony

10. Left Hand Roots And Fifths

11. Suspended Seconds

12. Every Other Roll Trick

13. Spy Chord

14. Turn Around

15. Half Step Wiggle

16. Zippering

17. Wobble Rhythm

18. Ornamentation

19. America Transposition

20. Grounded Roots

21. Hornsby

22. Good Morning To You Dress Up

23. Ben Folds Dress Up

24. Jingle Bells Dress Up

25. Octave Twinkle

26. Suspended 4ths Drama

27. Auld Lang Syne Dress Up

28. Fur Elise Dress Up

29. Separating Sections (Happy Dress Up)

30. Raciti Arpeggio

31. Minor Seven Minor Six (Sing / Moves Like Jagger)

32. Epic Ending Trick

Song Tutorials

Fur Alice (Complete Series)

Gymnopédies No. 1 (complete series)

Moonlight Sonata – Adagio

Ode To Joy Theme

Prelude in C

The Entertainer

Prelude In A

Joe Raciti Arrangements

Music On Loan (Mash-Up of Ode To Joy, Isn’t She Lovely, Daughters, Saturday in the Park, and Put Your Records On)

Greensleeves (2 part vocal harmony)

Greensleeves (piano arrangement)

Stand By Me (Vocal and piano)

Jingle Bell Jazz (4 part vocal plus piano, bass, and snare with brushes)

In My Life (vocal)

Have A Very Happy Birthday (barbershop tag)

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (4 part harmony)

Can’t Help Falling In Love (3 part harmony)

Can’t Help Falling In Love (piano arrangement)

The Time Signatures Are A Changin’ (choral plus solo)

Thou Rushing Wind (3 Part Vocal)

If I Can Help Somebody (2 part vocal)

Maoz Tzur Gloria (vocal mash up – 2 part)

This Little Light of Mine (4 part vocal harmony)

People Get Ready / Waiting on the World to Change Mash Up (3 part vocal harmony plus solo)

Game of Thones Theme (Boomwhacker and 2 part vocal arrangement)

God Only Knows (saxophone trio)

Rubbing It In (original, piano arrangement)

Over The Rainbow (piano arrangement)

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