The slideshows below run through each chord inversion. The “root” inversion is the one where the leftmost note being played is an A.

A (“A major” / Amaj)

Am (“A minor” / Amin / Am)

A7 (“A seven”)

Am7 (“A minor seven” / Amin7)

AM7 (“A major seven” / Amaj7)

AmM7 (“A minor major seven”)

A7b5 (“A seven flat five”)

A7#5 (“A seven sharp five”)

Am7b5 (“A minor seven flat five” / Amin7b5)

A7b9 (“A seven flat nine”)

A6 (“A six”)

Am6 (“A minor six” / Amin6)

A69 (“A six nine”)

A9 (“A nine”)

Am9 (“A minor nine” / Amin9)

AM9 (“A major nine” / Amaj9)

Aadd9 (“A add nine”)

A11 (“A eleven”)

Am11 (“A minor eleven” / Amin11)

A13 (“A thirteen”)

Asus2 (“A sus two”)

Asus4 (“A sus four”)

A7sus2 (“A#/Bb seven sus two”)

A7sus4 (“A#/Bb seven sus four”)

Adim (“A diminished”)

Adim7 (“A diminished seven”)

Aø (“A half diminished”)

Aaug (“A augmented”)