Piano Lessons for Adult Beginners Overview

Unit 1

Unit Overview


Time Signatures

Quarter Notes and Quarter Note Rests


[activity] Unit 1 Quiz

Unit 2

Unit Overview

Quarter Note and Quarter Note Rest Rhythm Sheet Exercise

All About That Bass ... Clef

3/4 Sight Reading Exercise

Tempo Markings

2/4 Sight Reading Exercise

Tip: Filming yourself is a great way to see how far you have grown. Progress in music is gradual so it can be hard to see your growth without a before-and-after comparison.

1st Performance of Growing

Unit 3

Unit Overview

Half Notes

[activity] 4/4 Sight-Reading Exercise Bass Clef

More Notes In The Bass Clef

[activity] 3/4 Sight-Reading Exercise (Bass Clef – F & G)

Tip: Try to use just one finger per note that you play. Avoid the temptation to play different notes with the same finger.

[activity] 2/4 Sight-Reading Exercise (Bass Clef – E, F, & G)

2nd Performance of Growing

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